Motorcycle stuntman Drifting Stunt Show by Motorcycle Stunt Rider Sparky Stunts

Sparky Stunts, one of the worlds top motorcycle stunt men has more than 30 years’ experience on two wheels in many different disciplines, from off road trials & display riding to road racing & stunt shows from London UK and the Isle of Man to Euroupe and the USA.

To say Sparky has passion for motorcycles would be an understatement. He eats, sleeps and breathes action; this guy was born to be on wheels, he has even been seen pulling wheelies in his sleep!

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We provide a variety of jaw dropping motor sport shows and experiences, tailor made to suit event requirements and environment.

If you are looking for a little action or a complete show stopping experience we have a wide variety of options available.

Over the years we have created live action for an array of events. Produced and stunt co-ordinated for film and TV productions. We pride our selves on giving our all to every project and come with full stunt and public-liability insurance.


Welcome to the world of stunt riding

Freestyle stunt riding has been growing rapidly in popularity over the past decade leading to commercial backing and factory sponsorship. Thanks to the efforts and hard work from riders, event organisers and promoters around the globe, stunt riding has become a recognised and respected as a sport worldwide.

Every year the number of people taking part in freestyle stunt riding increases and feeds the interests of those who follow, the demand for new products and level of riding pushes the sport to new frontiers.

When learning to stunt ride you will need a bike that you are willing to drop, stunt cage, personal protection including armour, boots, gloves, helmet and plenty of water and a good first aid kit.

One of the most well known phrases used in the freestyle stunt world is ‘If you’re not crashing then you’re not trying hard enough’. With that in mind the importance of the right protection is paramount in training and performing.

Once training on the wheelie simulator has been completed to a competent level, ground based training will begin.

All training will be tailored to your needs and requirements.

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